Lehja is an online media enterprise that uses digital technology to revitalize classical Urdu literature. We produce classic audio renditions of Urdu literary masterpieces, especially poetry.

Spoken Word

Spoken word is a "catchall" term that includes any kind of poetry recited aloud, including poetry readings, poetry slams, jazz poetry, and hip hop music, and can include comedy routines and prose monologues. Unlike written poetry, the poetic text takes its quality less from the visual aesthetics on a page, but depends more on phonaesthetics, or the aesthetics of sound. (Wikipedia)

The Voice

Raheel Farooq

Raheel Farooq

Writer & Spoken Word Artist

Raheel Farooq is a graduate in Urdu language & literature. His first book, Zaar, a collection of his ghazals, was published in 2010. His debut spoken word album, Classics of Urdu Literature (Ghazal Poetry), has just been released in 2021.

Lehja - YouTube

YouTube Channel

Lehja is the first and yet only YouTube channel focused on promoting classical Urdu literature. We are known for the fine calligraphy, majestic design and exquisite presentation of our videos.


Lehja podcast is a treat to ears for all those who love Urdu. Recitations of literary masterpieces with standard pronunciation, melodious accent and a golden voice is our brand identity.

Lehja - Podcast

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